Administrator’s Convenience Through Multiple WordPress Sites Management Tool

Manage WordPress Sites with Ease by Using a Multisite Management Tool

If you are managing 50 websites then it is a big hassle if you are logging in and out of those websites at the same time. Surely, you will not be entertained when personally keying-in different usernames and passwords to each website. The internet provides endless data on this subject. Still, the large amount of content is outdated. For high quality data, you must have access to legitimate sources. More information about wordpress management is available on our website.

Multiple wordpress sites management tool is good news for online marketers like. For your information, here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when using this tool:

If you are talking about a WordPress site, it means that there is the need for you to deal with plug-ins, themes and CMS. When you have 50 sites, each of them will have its own unique plug-ins and themes. Now, can you imagine your life going through those plug-in and themes one by one? It will surely eat all of your time. The purpose of this tool is to give the administrator an upper hand when it comes to managing multiple sites. You can update themes and plug-ins by simply clicking update all; no need to log in and log out to each website.

Another amazing benefit of this tool is the network activation. If you are maintaining 50 sites for your business then all of the plug-ins, themes and other things that you will need can be activated at the same time. The updates will all be reflected to the rest of your 50 sites.

This tool will also help you manage the advance settings of the site with ease. Advanced Settings will let you deal with the more complicated details of the site in a simple way. When you are about to edit a site under Advanced Settings, you can easily see the site’s URL, Blog Name, Blog Description and number of users that can register. There is no reason for you to be confused here. If you are having separate sites not under one CMS, it means that you will handle the Advanced Settings one by one.

This multisite also features Upgrade One feature. When the version of the blog themes and plug-ins are already outdated, you can be able to upgrade them in WordPress CMS once. If you are trying to update your blogs from 3.3 to 3.4 versions, the update will reciprocate to others as well. This will make you really happy as there is no need for you to check one by one if all of your sites have been updated or not.

For more assistance when it comes to understanding multiple wordpress sites management, make sure to tap an expert who is well experienced in WP management. There are a number of experts that may help you out there. However, you should be careful as there are some online marketers that may offer services that are not that legit.