Principles and Laws You Should Apply in Creating Appealing Dental Website Design

Tips to Use to Create Aesthetically Appealing Sites

No matter what kind of website you are trying to make, whether it is a dental website design or one that sells puppies, there are design principles that you should master before you start. These design principles are in reality more important than the conversions. Consider the fact that no matter how good you are in implementing any conversion boosting tactic yet the design of your website looks amateurish, it wouldn’t actually do you much good.

dental-websiteHere are some of the most helpful and effective way to design your product to get better results. Always remember that design is not something that only designers do. Design creation is also marketing.

Attain visual hierarchy. The top rule that you should always remember is this: prominent visuals always get the attention. Visual hierarchy is the most important aspect that you should invest on if you want to create a good web design. This basically refers to the order in which the human eyes see or perceive what they are seeing.

Sort your business objectives. This means that you should rank the elements of your website according to your business objective. Hence, this goes without saying that if you don’t have a specific goal in your head, you will not know what to prioritize. To achieve this, consider having bold or prominent headlines and the biggest eye catcher should be the goal that you want your visitors to take action on.

Apply proportions. You will only achieve visually appealing websites when all the elements that are in are in proportion. The golden ratio used by most website designers is 1.618. You may also make use of the Fibonacci sequence which means that each term is defined as the sum of the previous two numbers.

Make use of the Hick’s Law. This law states that with every additional choice increases the amount of time required to make a decision. You will usually experience this law applied in restaurants in which they provide customers with plenty of options in order for them to have difficulty in choosing what to order. If the restaurant only offers a couple of choices, customers would take less time in deciding what to eat.  To apply in website creation. Eliminate distracting options throughout the creation process.

Utilise the Fitt’s Law. This law says that the amount time needed to move to a target area (such as a button) is a function of the distance to the target and the target’s size. To put it more simply, the bigger the object and the nearer it is to the one viewing it, the easier it is to use. This explains why most of the “Play” buttons in music apps are bigger than the others.

Apply the Gestalt Design Laws. Gestalt is one of the theories in psychology that explains the workings of the mind and the brain. Psychologists found out that the human eyes actually see subjects in their entirety before seeing the individual parts. So whether you are doing a dental website design or any other designs, use this law to make your visitors see the entirety of your site first before each of its element.

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