Top Online Marketing Automation Software For Marketers

Highly-Recommended Online Marketing Automation Software to Use

Marketing is never an easy task to do. For commercial purposes, effective marketing strategy must be done to successfully promote the product to a specific target audience. Behind the marketing strategy or plan created by the marketers, there are also bits of deeds done to ensure that repetitive tasks such as sending emails and other online actions are carried efficiently and without human error. If done manually, these kinds of marketing tasks could take time and a lot of manpower just to meet the deadline. Thankfully, there is one kind of software platform created to help marketers make their job way easier than before. Presenting the now so-called “Marketing Automation”. 

What is marketing automation about? To keep its simple, marketing automation is any kind of software or app purposely designed to help marketers do their repetitive tasks done in no time via automation. Apart from automation of tasks, many software of this kind now also enable the marketer to streamline and measure that tasks and workflows of their operations. The more efficient marketing tasks are, the faster the revenue growth would be. 

Before, only big companies are able to make use of marketing technology. Now even small companies and those whose work depends on their website’s online performance can now also effectively use marketing automation on their businesses. In the current state of the world’s industry of online retailing, small to mid-sized businesses are the biggest users of marketing automation software. 

Here are top software used for online marketing automation:

TargetEveryOne – Helps you build landing pages in no time even if you are not an IT expert or have hired one. It will also enable you to import contacts from your CRM system and distribute landing pages through sending an SMS and email. This software is also an excellent choice if your focus is to have unique links as it detects what links other users have. 

Sendin Blue – This one promises to make your marketing automation easy. It has email and phone support, solid platform, and very easy to use. With a smart drag and drop editor, without hassle you can create multi-channel workflows. Just connect your website and you can automatically engage with other users. Optimizing the performance of your workflow will also never be a problem. 

HubSpot – This is another favorite of many marketers. To be easily found online and for the website traffic to be converted into leads and optimization is its best asset as a software utilized for online marketing automation. It has very useful set of SEO tools that are proven to be very helpful for the marketers and website owners.  

Other highly-recommended software are Integrate, Act-On, Instapage, GetResponse, SproutLoud, and Oracle Marketing Cloud, and more. The internet provides endless data on this subject. Nonetheless, many of this data is old. Good data can only be acquired from sound sources. More information about internet marketing tools is available on our website.